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History has been kind to Canada with regards its position in the pioneering electronic pop. The trailblazing by the likes of RATIONAL YOUTH, PSYCHE, SKINNY PUPPY, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY and MEN WITHOUT HATS successfully built the foundations for the nation’s modern crop. Formed in 1984 by Andreas Gregor and David Rout, Toronto’s TECHNIQUES BERLIN have returned with a new body of work ‘Breathing’, twinned with a bonus album of previously unreleased material. Continue Reading ›

RATIONAL YOUTH Future Past Tense

RATIONAL YOUTH originated in Montreal in 1980 and to this day, the band is hailed as the first proper Canadian synth operation. The combo released 'Cold War Night Life', which is considered to be the very first Canadian full-on synth opus. Still active, RATIONAL YOUTH released a 10 inch vinyl EP 'Future Past Tense' last year, which has now been reissued on CD format, together with bonus tracks, remixed by assorted artist, including JOHAN BAECKSTRÖM and DISKODIKTATOR. Continue Reading ›