ZIMBRU are an intriguing synth assisted Romanian art pop four-piece comprising of Teodora Retegan, Paul Bucovesan, Andrei Bobiș and Oana Pop, their songs characterised by Retegan’s deep forlorn expression.

The title of their debut EP ‘Little Creatures’ suggests a TALKING HEADS influence, reinforced by the band’s moniker being a near namesake to ‘I Zimbra’, although “Zimbru” is actually the Romanian word for the European bison. However, ‘Terejo’ does play with the quirky sound of David Bryne and chums.

Its rhythmical neo-funk motif imagining what TALKING HEADS might have sounded like as a more electronic band and not unsurprisingly coming over like a female fronted LCD SOUNDSYSTEM. The bounce of ‘Dyo’ takes this eclectic template further with the bass synth driven groove augmented by cowbells interrupted with a booming dystopian doom reminiscent of Gary Numan.

By comparison, the EP’s lead track ‘Divination’ appears comparatively straightforward but plays with a dominant laser attack and adopts playful time signature changes alongside spacey synths and new wave guitars. The excellent accompanying video certainly reflects their artful poise and that stranger things might be afoot.

The ‘Little Creatures’ title song itself takes on a moodier pace, utilising a prominent off-beat and an incessant electronic pulse to drive it along, showcasing the varied musical facets ZIMBRU.

In all, this is a promising debut EP release that offers haunting vocals, synthy hooks, art school sensibilities and intriguing rhythmic backdrops for the dancefloor.

‘Little Creatures’ is available from the usual digital platforms including https://zimbru.bandcamp.com/album/little-creatures




Text by Chi Ming Lai
Photo by YANA
16th January 2020