As work on their long awaited ‘VII’ EP continues, “Sweden’s best kept pop-secret” KITE are back with some ‘Panic Music’.

It follows up the celebratory pop rave of ‘Teenage Bliss’ and the moody introspection of ‘Tranås/Stenslanda’, both from 2020. ‘Panic Music’ exudes a fierce anxiety with front man Nicklas Stenemo presenting his characteristic screaming delivery.

While the epic neo-gothic textures associated with KITE are present and correct, Christian Berg further explores his fascination for electronic drones and swoops while there is also the surprise of a guitar solo in the middle eight.

Directed by Mattias Erik Johansson with Director of Photography Daniel Tackas, the accompanying video possesses an eerie desolate quality with grainy images sourced from old tube TVs and filmed on actual VHS tape as well as more modern computer image merging. The stress and strain of the past two years and a very uncertain future are captured both musically and visually in less than five minutes!

Meanwhile on Saturday 14th May, KITE will broadcast their sold-out gig live from Fållan in Stockholm’s former slaughterhouse district where viewers are promised an intimate and cinematic experience with new techniques in livestream production and a completely new stage show.

In 2019, KITE’s sold-out concert at Stockholm’s Royal Opera Theatre was broadcast on Sweden’s SVT2 national channel. The live presentation added an orchestra to their mighty electronic sound and showcased the duo’s artistic integrity and innovation with an unusual theatrical presentation that involved supporting actors within a mocked-up office setting alongside Stenemo and Berg’s fort of synthesizers.

‘Panic Music’ is released by Astronaut Recordings via the usual digital platforms

KITE’s show at Stockholm Fållan on Saturday 14th May 2022 will be live streamed in association with, tickets are available from

Their back catalogue is available digitally direct from

Text by Chi Ming Lai
Photo by Fredrik Etoall
6th April 2022