Belgian electronic duo METROLAND have finally unveiled their remix of OMD’s new single entitled, appropriately enough, ‘Metroland’ and have even produced a promo video too.

Ironically, despite the accusation by some of them being KRAFTWERK copyists, METROLAND have actually stripped away the more obvious Kling Klang Synthanorma elements.

The Blitz Club’s legendary DJ Rusty Egan even enthusiastically commented “now it’s LOST the Kraftwerk, I like it MORE!”

METROLAND told ELECTRICITYCLUB.CO.UK about their remix: “We both hate those darn f*cked up club mixes where you can barely recognize something of the original. We started all from scratch. So, every sequence and bass line, melody was played as-new (we did not have a MIDI file), and we searched for new sounds. In the end, it became a more orchestral mix spiced up with the typical bass sounds from METROLAND, along with our famous layered sequences.”

Passenger A and Passenger S remembered: “It was a tough job as the song itself is a splendid OMD song with a KRAFTWERK spirit, a shivering combination, so we hope our remix will attract OMD fans”.

On receipt of this reworking, Andy McCluskey emailed METROLAND to say he was “loving it!!” The duo were extremely chuffed with the reaction: “Just imagine: making a joyful remix and getting such a reaction from someone you have been looking up to since you were a teenager!!”

OMD ‘Metroland (Appropriately Remixed by METROLAND)’ and the ‘Metroland’ EP are released as downloads on 25th March 2013 by BMG

METROLAND support OMD at Utrecht Tivoli on Friday 17th May and Brussels Ancienne Belgique on Monday 20th May 2013

Text by Chi Ming Lai
21st March 2013