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A Beginner’s Guide To CLAUDIA BRÜCKEN

act_claudiaWith her distinctive ice maiden delivery, CLAUDIA BRÜCKEN is the undoubted queen of cinematic avant pop. She first came to prominence with PROPAGANDA and the Trevor Horn produced film noir drama of ‘Dr Mabuse’. Although her catalogue is wide and varied, she is perhaps still very much regarded as a cult figure. The Electricity Club offers a twenty track Beginner’s Guide to her work… Continue Reading ›


Claudia Brücken’s ‘This Time’ career celebration at The Scala in London was without doubt, one of the best live presentations of 2011. On this wonderful evening, the first lady of cinematic electronic pop was joined by some very special guests for an unforgettable and almost certainly unrepeatable concert. Claudia Brücken and musical partner Paul Humphreys kindly invited The Electricity Club to their London studio to reminisce about that wonderful evening at The Scala last March. Continue Reading ›


The release of CLAUDIA BRÜCKEN ‘ComBined’in association with ZTT/Salvo presents the first career retrospective of the German chanteuse’s marvellous collection of work. Before LADYTRON or GOLDFRAPP, it was CLAUDIA BRÜCKEN who reigned as the original first lady of icy, feminine led Eurocentric avant-pop. As a keen collaborative artist, this compilation gathers together her various ComBinations. Continue Reading ›


As the undoubted queen of electronic avant-pop,  although CLAUDIA BRÜCKEN's catalogue is small compared with many of her peers who have had careers of similar duration, it is this emphasis of quality over quantity that has meant her releases are eagerly anticipated She kindly spoke to The Electricity Club about her career with PROPAGANDA, ACT, ONETWO and as a solo artist, and revealed details of her live retrospective. Continue Reading ›