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LEONARD COHEN First we take ManhattanSo here is a list of The Electricity Club’s favourite 25 synth songs by non-synth acts. All songs feature the synth as the dominant melodic instrument and are by artists who are generally perceived to be guitar or rock driven. Those considered to have a strong association with the synthesizer, like DAVID BOWIE, SPARKS, SPANDAU BALLET, NEW ORDER, ASSOCIATES, TALK TALK and LCD SOUNDSYSTEM have not been included. Continue Reading ›

HYPERBUBBLE Dee Dee Rocks The Galaxy

dee dee cdb coverHYPERBUBBLE’s award winning soundtrack to the independent Sci-Fi mini-movie ‘Dee Dee Rocks The Galaxy’ is now out as a CD. For anyone who has ever followed the quirky Texan duo’s work, it maintains the bionic bubblepunk standards of their previous albums and projects. Under the influence of the great soundtrack innovators, ‘Dee Dee Rocks The Galaxy’ is a wacky twenty five minute rocket ride where there is no time to take in the scenery! Continue Reading ›