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Today, electronic instrumental music is everywhere, but often in the form of tedious dance tracks with no tunes all over Beatport and social media. Luckily, there are still exponents of the classic synth instrumental, and thanks to the rise of the Synthwave sub-genre, there is currently a sympathetic environment for more esoteric and melodic musical offerings. Presenting our 25 FAVOURITE SYNTH INSTRUMENTALS Of The 21ST CENTURY… Continue Reading ›

RUSTY EGAN PRESENTS Welcome To The Dancefloor

After many years of trials and tribulations, Rusty Egan finally presents ‘Welcome To The Dancefloor’. It’s a collection of thirteen songs that explore a varied range of topics from the euphoria of clubland to the celebration of musical heroes to personal bereavement. Indeed, several of the songs started off as recordings for the rebooted VISAGE. Chris Payne who co-wrote ‘Fade To Grey’ had submitted several compositions... Continue Reading ›


Analog Angel-in-profileANALOG ANGEL’s last album ‘The Thin Line’ in 2011 was a cult favourite on the industrial scene with appearances at Infest and WGT Festivals vindicating its authenticity. 2013’s ‘We Won't Walk Away’ moved towards a richer, expansive sound reminiscent of classic OMD for their best song yet. The new album is without doubt ANALOG ANGEL’s most ambitious and strongest work to date. ANALOG ANGEL kindly chatted to ELECTRICITYCLUB.CO.UK Continue Reading ›


In one of the most productive years ever for electronic music, it has been extremely difficult to whittle down the list to 30 songs. The standard has been extremely high and songs which would have made the listing in previous years have been left off. So the songs on this alphabetical list have been released in physical formats, or digitally as purchasable or free downloads during the calendar year with a limit of one song per artist moniker. Continue Reading ›


republica-thumbFormed following the phenomenon of Acid House and Rave, REPBULICA were a refreshing slap in face during Britpop. Their massive 1996 hit ‘Ready To Go’ was adopted as a rallying cry by the sports stadiums of the globe as a result, the parent album ‘Republica’ sold 3 million worldwide. The original nucleus of Saffron, former FLOWERED UP keyboard player Tim Dorney and guitarist Jonny Glue reunited. ELECTRICITYCLUB.CO.UK caught up with Saffron for a natter out of the darkness. Continue Reading ›

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