With their 2019 album ‘Saved Symmetry’ capturing an understated depth and musicality that made it very much a grower with its mix of emotions and colours, FIAT LUX have surprised with their new single ‘(How Will We Ever) Work This Way’.

A very direct new wave disco number with a prominent funk-laden bass, ‘(How Will We Ever) Work This Way’ had almost been completely recorded at David P Crickmore’s Splid Studios during their now stalled sessions for the follow-up to ‘Saved Symmetry’.

Steve Wright had managed to lay down his voice before the lockdown came into action. However, saxophonist Will Howard made his slinky contribution remotely which Crickmore said “came c/o his back bedroom with mic under the sheets.”

The lockdown has inspired many acts to get creative with solutions for producing promotional videos and FIAT LUX have been no different. In their case, they have filmed their parts in isolation while in complete darkness, save what appears to be an LED rotating disco ball for lighting effects. As well as featuring Wright, Crickmore and Howard, a Roland Jupiter 8 and Minimoog make cameo appearances.

“It’s a toe tapper” said Wright about the more uptempo nature of ‘(How Will We Ever) Work This Way’, “My daughter says it’s wiggle bop!”; but despite the spacey dance feel and an uplifting middle eight, the lyrics point to something much darker, highlighting that what was considered normal in the past is no longer acceptable.

FIAT LUX have been particularly enjoying their renaissance following their tentative return in 2017, with their triumphant comeback concert at Bradford’s St Clements C of E Church in Autumn 2019 as well as more recently, opening for CHINA CRISIS at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds.

While things are very much up in the air as with everyone, a new album and more gigs are planned.

‘(How Will We Ever) Work This Way’ is released by Splid Records through Proper Music Distribution via the usual digital platforms





Text and photo by Chi Ming Lai
19th June 2020