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A Short Conversation with WRANGLER

wrangler2016Since talking to The Electricity Club back in April 2014, WRANGLER have followed their debut release ‘LA Spark’ with a modular synth remix album ‘Sparked’, a live show at The Royal Albert Hall and a follow-up album in the shape of ‘White Glue’. With a new single ‘Stupid’ recently unleashed as a trailer for the new long player, Mal, Benge and Phil kindly spoke to The Electricity Club about developments within the band and the forthcoming collaboration with JOHN GRANT. Continue Reading ›

WRANGLER Sparked Modular Remix Project

WRANGLER SparkedThe mission for this project (should the remixer choose to accept it) was as follows: “WRANGLER would like to ask you to submit an experimental piece of music for inclusion on an album entitled 'Modular Remix'. The idea is very simple. We provide some basic stems from a track selected by you from our debut album ‘LA Spark’ and you add whatever sounds you like - the only rule being that you use just one analog modular synthesiser system..." Continue Reading ›


Rusty vs Andy - Chi Ming LaiDüsseldorf paid homage to its electronic music history with a three day event of lectures, discussions and live music. The ELECTRI_CITY CONFERENCE celebrated the work of pioneers like KRAFTWERK, DAF, RIECHMANN, NEU! and LA DÜSSELDORF, as well as reflecting its worldwide influence. A year in the planning, the organisers assembled an impressive line-up of artists, musicians and academics which read like a ‘Who’s Who?’ of electronic music. Continue Reading ›


Wolfgang + TracyJIt was once the venue for “the quiz of week”, but since ending its tenure as the base for ‘Sale Of The Century’ presented by Nicholas Parsons and Anglia Television, the now privately owned Epic Studios in Norwich has emerged as a key live music venue in the area. Epic Studios secured its biggest coup yet with an appearance from former KRAFTWERK percussionist WOLFGANG FLÜR. Several acts were considered for the prestigious support slot. So with an eye on the crème of the UK’s independent electronic music talent, the opportunity was accorded to Glasgow’s ANALOG ANGEL. Continue Reading ›


MUS_IIC-wrangler-by-chiMemeTune, the acclaimed London studio and label curated its first festival just down the road from its base in Hoxton at Shoreditch’s Red Gallery. Although lacking in natural ventilation, the sociable art space proved to be a fine venue to host live electronic music by WRANGLER, GAZELLE TWIN and MINNY POPS. The combination of the diverse acts on the bill made this a perfect way to enjoy a Saturday nights electronic music. Continue Reading ›

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