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PSYCHE Interview

PSYCHE are the acclaimed dark synthpop duo founded by the Huss brothers Darrin and Stephen from Edmonton in Canada.. Now based in Germany, Darrin Huss has focussed on touring with current musical partner Stefan Rabura rather than recording. PSYCHE will be venturing to London for a special show on Saturday 29th September 2018 with RATIONAL YOUTH and Swedish poptronica veterans PAGE. Darrin Huss kindly chatted to The Electricity Club Continue Reading ›

A Short Conversation with PAGE

PAGE have had a loyal cult following back home in Sweden since their 1983 debut single ‘Dansande Man’. The duo of Eddie Bengtsson and Marina Schiptjenko released their self-titled debut album in 1992 while their final first phase release ‘Helt Nära’ came out in 1998. With the news of a live return to London for PAGE in September alongside RATIONAL YOUTH + PSYCHE, Eddie Bengtsson spoke to The Electricity Club about space and the synthesizer frontier… Continue Reading ›

Heresy: A Tribute To RATIONAL YOUTH

Heresy-A Tribute To RATIONAL YOUTHMontréal’s RATIONAL YOUTH were founded in 1980 by synth enthusiasts Tracy Howe and Bill Vorn. Along with PSYCHE and MEN WITHOUT HATS, they were among the trailblazers for electronic music in Canada. And now Cold War Night Life, the online magazine of electronic music and culture, has curated ‘Heresy: A Tribute To RATIONAL YOUTH’, a covers collection of the Canadian synth pioneers’ best-known songs. Continue Reading ›


ASW-SMPJ-02Following the success of ‘An Evening With The Swedish Synth’, Nordic friendly blog Cold War Night Life presented ‘A Secret Wish’ at The Lexington in London. While not wholly Swedish in line-up this time round, there was a definite Scandinavian slant with Swedish synth veterans SISTA MANNEN PÅ JORDEN making their debut UK appearance and JOHN FRYER spinning a variety of music from his illustrious career. Representing the home crowd were VILE ELECTRODES. Continue Reading ›


SMPJ-10Following the success of ‘An Evening With The Swedish Synth’, Cold War Night Life have announced their next live event ‘A Secret Wish’. It is headlined by SISTA MANNEN PÅ JORDEN, the solo project of Svensk synth mästare Eddie Bengsston from PAGE. SMPJ were formed back in 1986 by Bengtsson and Matts Wiberg. The first EP ‘Först I Rymden’ was released in 1998. With ‘A Secret Wish’ just a few weeks away, SMPJ mainman Eddie Bengsston chatted to The Electricity Club. Continue Reading ›

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