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A Beginner’s Guide To GARY NUMAN

It cannot be denied that it was GARY NUMAN who became the world's first synthesizer pop star. He won the Best Male Singer category at the 1979 British Rock and Pop Awards, the-then equivalent of the BRITs. Not a best of listing, this expanded twenty-two track Beginner’s Guide by The Electricity Club chronicles the varied musical adventures of GARY NUMAN through his own work and collaborations, with a restriction of one track per album project. Continue Reading ›

Machine Music: The Best of GARY NUMAN DVD

When GARY NUMAN broke through in 1979 as the world’s first ever synthesizer pop star, it was not only musically that he made an impressive impact. Visually, the unsmiling, pale faced ‘Machman’ cast a striking figure. Now a newly released DVD entitled Machine Music: The Best of GARY NUMAN captures the one-time Mr Webb throughout his career from his early innovative promo videos right up to the present day, plus the added bonus of TV appearances and live highlights. Continue Reading ›

Lost Albums: DRAMATIS For Future Reference

Following the ‘retirement’ of GARY NUMAN with his spectacular farewell shows at Wembley Arena in April 1981, four of his erstwhile backing band officially went ‘solo’ under the moniker of DRAMATIS. RRussell Bell, Denis Haines, Chris Payne and Ced Sharpley toured the skies with the Machine Music pioneer and had been instrumental (pun totally intended) in the success of Numan’s powerful live presentation. Continue Reading ›

GARY NUMAN Back Stage – A Book Of Reflections

Lifelong Numan fan Stephen Roper has devoted the last three years to compiling Back Stage - A Book Of Reflections. The book focuses on the years 1979 - 81, when GARY NUMAN was at the peak of his fame and commercial success. It features first-hand accounts of those who were closest to him at the time including band members, record company executives, friends such as JOHN FOXX, THE SKIDS and DEVO plus support acts OMD, SIMPLE MINDS and NASH THE SLASH. The foreword is provided by Numan himself while he also contributes a chapter. The Electricity Club spoke to book contributors Chris Payne, RRussell Bell and Tim Dry. Continue Reading ›

Missing In Action: CHRIS PAYNE

Best known as a member of GARY NUMAN’s band between 1979-89 and for co-writing VISAGE’s ‘Fade To Grey’, Cornishman CHRIS PAYNE was also DEAD OR ALIVE’s musical director. Now domiciled in Normandy, he happily chatted to The Electricity Club about his period with GARY NUMAN, the genesis of ‘Fade To Grey’ during soundchecks on ‘The Touring Principle’ in 1979, his post-Numan band DRAMATIS and his recent contribution to the TENEK song 'What Do You Want?' Continue Reading ›

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