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A Beginner’s Guide to MARSHEAUX

MARSHEAUX_U5A3895The Electricity Club are extremely pleased to have MARSHEAUX headlining its fourth live event TEC004 on SATURDAY 5TH NOVEMBER 2016 at Epic Studios in Norwich. While popular amongst synthpop fans the world over, MARSHEAUX are still comparatively unknown outside of the cognoscenti. With a restriction of one track per project, this Beginner’s Guide acts as an introduction to the varied portfolio of the Athens based synth maidens from 2003 to the present day… More Inside ›

MARSHEAUX Suffer The Children

MARSHEAUX_B+WMARSHEAUX have recorded an exclusive cover of TEARS FOR FEARS ‘Suffer The Children’ for a new various artists compilation curated by The Electricity Club to be released on EMI/Universal Greece. The enticing reinterpretation is accompanied by a suitably moody black and white video filmed in Berlin. MARSHEAUX chatted to TEC about the genesis of ‘Suffer The Children’ while also discussing some of their favourite covers and ones which didn’t quite work out. More Inside ›


MARSHEAUX_U5A3528Building further on their profile following ‘A Broken Frame’, Marianthi Melitsi and Sophie Sarigiannidou made their full return with ‘Ath.Lon’ in June. The duo will also make their first UK live appearance since 2012 on SATURDAY 5TH NOVEMBER at Norwich Epic Studios, when they play TEC004. MARSHEAUX kindly chatted to The Electricity Club about ‘Ath.Lon’ and the challenges it presented from being a product of two quite different cities… More Inside ›


Marsheaux-Ath.Lon_Cover1500A fair few years have passed since Marsheaux debuted with 'Popcorn' in their native Greece. 2004 heralded their first album, 'E-Bay Queen' on Undo Records. 2015 brought their most daring project yet, a cover of the entire of 'A Broken Frame' by DEPECHE MODE. The pair managed to grasp the soul of the most unloved DM album and transform it into a new dimension of unconventional sounds and vocals. And now comes 'Ath.Lon'. More Inside ›

MARSHEAUX Safe Tonight

MARSHEAUX SafeTonight_CDMARSHEAUX make their highly anticipated return with their first self-penned material since 2013’s ‘Inhale’. Sunny but succinct, Marianthi Melitsi and Sophie Sarigiannidou have launched their fifth studio album ‘Ath.Lon’ with a single entitled ‘Safe Tonight’. A spectacular video for ‘Safe Tonight’ filmed in Valencia, Spain has now been unleashed. With high production values, it’s like a Mediterranean take on a Nordic Noir drama. More Inside ›

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