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TORUL Explain

After three albums fronted by the charismatic Jan Jenko, it was all change in 2016 for TORUL on the appropriately titled ‘Reset’, with the introduction of new vocalist Maj Valerij. To trail a new album coming later this year, the Slovenian combo are back with a brand new single ‘Explain’ which showcases some grouchy bass guitar syncopating off a solid beat. Over smatterings of weeping electronics, Valerij explains to his listeners that “She’s coming again in my dream”. Continue Reading ›


DEVISION-13Having been making music since 1988, Thomas Adam and Steffen Keth, have fought DEPECHE MODE comparisons throughout their musical adventure, developing a unique sound and recognisable tonality. With '13', DE/VISION have followed the route of Pledge Music, successfully committing their hardcore fans to following the album's progress and allowing for early downloads. Continue Reading ›

TORUL Interview

TORUL-Outside_02Earlier this year The Electricity Club reviewed 'The Measure', the newest production from the Slovenian trio TORUL. Their debut album ‘Dark Matters‘ was released in 2010 but it was their third album ‘Tonight We Dream Fiercely‘ from 2013 that was their breakthrough. Their rather good fourth album 'The Measure' is still being THE played record. TEC's Monika Izabela Goss spoke to Torul Torulsson, Borut Dolenec and Jan Jenko about the album and all things TORUL. Continue Reading ›

TORUL The Measure

TORUL The MeasureAfter TORUL’s acclaimed albums 'Dark Matters', 'The Whole' and 'Tonight We Dream Fiercely', with the latter seeing the Slovenian trio supporting MESH on their 2013 European tour, electronic audiences are now treated to their latest offering, 'The Measure'. A rather eclectic selection of tunes, wrapped around gripping and ever-changeable vocals of Jan Jenko, it delivers exactly what it says on the tin. It is a measured album, which no doubt will be of interest to any weathered TORUL fan. Continue Reading ›

Introducing TORUL

TORULNative to the wonderfully named Ljubljana in Slovenia, Torul Torulsson, a talented songwriter and producer met guitarist and live synth player Borut Dolenec at a party. Torulsson and lead vocalist Jan Jenko came together through a mutual producer friend. TORUL’s current album - the highly contagious 'Tonight We Dream Fiercely' - was released in Europe in April. Launch single ‘Glow' sets the benchmark for a collection of magnificent electronic tracks, each easily a single in their own right. Continue Reading ›

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