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A Beginner’s Guide To MIDGE URE

MIDGE URE needs no introduction as one of the UK’s most highly regarded songwriters and musicians. Having become fascinated by KRAFTWERK when they hit the UK charts with ‘Autobahn’ in 1975, he purchased his first synth, a Yamaha CS50 in 1977. Best known for his involvement in ULTRAVOX and VISAGE, The Electricity Club looks back at MIDGE URE’s great adventure in electronic music via this twenty track Beginner’s Guide, with a restriction of one track per album / project More Inside ›

Alles Klar: On Tour with ULTRAVOX

Now in the fourth year of their widely documented reunion, ULTRAVOX know no boundaries. When it came to the next jigsaw sequence in ULTRAVOX history, the unveiling of their 2012 studio album ‘Brilliant’, with a European tour to follow, was an impressive gesture of intent. With input from both Billy Currie and Warren Cann, The Electricity Club discusses the European electronic tradition – the heart of which was beating in Cologne at the beginning of the 1960’s; looking to the German pioneers, and how they would potentially impact on the creative nucleus of classic-era ULTRAVOX. More Inside ›


Edinburgh based trio PARTY FEARS THREE played a rare London show Upstairs At The Garage and through the medium of reinterpretation, they delivered an electro friendly set steeped in history and invention. Hot on the heels of a triumphant ULTRAVOX concert at Hammersmith Apollo the night before, the evening was particularly special in that it featured cameo appearances. These came from none other than UV drummer WARREN CANN plus his pal PETER GODWIN who himself has various ULTRAVOX connections. More Inside ›


=ultravox_5Warren Cann is best known as a founder member of ULTRAVOX. Born in Vancouver, he began a love of electronics and music that led him to moving to the UK to make his fortune as a drummer. In 2009, the classic ULTRAVOX line-up of Warren Cann, Chris Cross, Billy Currie and Midge Ure reformed to celebrate their musical legacy on the ‘Return To Eden’ tour. While he was in Scandinavia, Warren Cann took time out to talk to The Electricity Club about his innovative career and the reunion. More Inside ›