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MR NORMALL Interview

With a handshake, big smile, good guy profile, Mr Normall's charming photographs with members of SPARKS, JAPAN, ULTRAVOX, BLANCMANGE, HEAVEN 17, DEPECHE MODE, VISAGE and MARSHEAUX among many, have endeared visitors to his website chronicling his travels. The Electricity Club had the pleasure of catching up with Mr Normall for another chat about his continuing amazing adventures… Continue Reading ›

A Beginner’s Guide To JORI HULKKONEN

JORI HULKKONEN is one of Europe’s most highly regarded electronic producers, yet remains something of a hidden secret. While a fan of synthesized pop such as PET SHOP BOYS, NEW ORDER and JOHN FOXX, Hulkkonen’s love of Detroit techno and house music has brought a rhythmical edge to his many productions and remixes. With such a varied catalogue of work and projects, TEC looks back at the career of JORI HULKKONEN in the shape of this Beginner’s Guide.… Continue Reading ›


mark-reeder-and-john-foxxThe ELECTRI_CITY_CONFERENCE held its second event at Düsseldorf’s CCD following the success of the inaugural gathering which brought together an impressive line-up that read like a ‘Who’s Who?’ of electronic music. For the 2016 event, JOHN FOXX, STEVE D’AGOSTINO, RUSTY EGAN, MARSHEAUX, CULT WITH NO NAME, JIMI TENOR, JORI HULKKONEN and ERIC RANDOM played live while among the speakers were DANIEL MILLER, MARK REEDER and CHRIS PAYNE. Continue Reading ›


vintage panel2The Vintage Festival ‘Electronic Phuture Revue’ at the Royal Festival Hall saw synthpop fans from around the world gather to witness the best in classic and new electronic pop. However earlier in the day, The Electricity Club decided to focus on this year’s panel interview. It included Paul Boddy, the musician/producer and Tapio Normall, the Finnish electro aficionado. Continue Reading ›

The Amazing Adventures Of MR NORMALL

Those who have attended the same concerts as The Electricity Club may have noticed a striking sartorially astute personality in the audience with the make-up and piercing eyes. That new kind of man is Tapio Normall, concert goer extraordinaire from Finland. The Electricity Club caught up with Mr Normall to reminisce about his travels and meetings with various luminaries key to the rise of electronic pop music in Europe. Continue Reading ›