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A Beginner’s Guide To MIDGE URE

MIDGE URE needs no introduction as one of the UK’s most highly regarded songwriters and musicians. Having become fascinated by KRAFTWERK when they hit the UK charts with ‘Autobahn’ in 1975, he purchased his first synth, a Yamaha CS50 in 1977. Best known for his involvement in ULTRAVOX and VISAGE, The Electricity Club looks back at MIDGE URE’s great adventure in electronic music via this twenty track Beginner’s Guide, with a restriction of one track per album / project Continue Reading ›

ULTRAVOX Rise of the Soft Synth

GForce Software have just issued a fascinating viral film of soundcheck footage and a brief backstage chat with ULTRAVOX during the ‘Brilliant’ tour about using the company’s plug-in synths to recreate the sounds from their classic albums. In the interview, the band’s two main synthesists Billy Currie and Chris Cross discuss the VSM, Oddity, impOSCar2 and Minimonsta. Chris particularly enthuses about the VSM’s ability to replicate the Elka Rhapsaody 610 whose colder pads can be heard originally on ‘Mr X’ while Billy jokes about using the VSM on virtually every track, especially for the swimmier tones of the Yamaha SS30 which forms the prominent sound on ‘The Voice’. Continue Reading ›