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A Beginner’s Guide To COLIN THURSTON

While Colin Thurston is perhaps not as lauded as Conny Plank, Giorgio Moroder and Trevor Horn, he undoubtedly helped shape the sound of a pioneering musical era. It was Thurston’s work with DURAN DURAN that was to have the biggest worldwide impact. His portfolio indeed reads like a Who's Who? of popular music; The Electricity Club looks back at the career of Colin Thurston via eighteen tracks presented in chronological order, with a limit of one track per album project. Continue Reading ›

WESTBAM Götterstrasse

WESTBAM GötterstrasseGerman techno DJ legend WESTBAM celebrates 30 years in the music business with an intriguing mature collection of songs under the title of ‘Götterstrasse’. Literally translated as 'Gods Street’, the 14 tracks feature a varied and impressive cast of vocalists. These include THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS’ Richard Butler, NEW ORDER’s Bernard Sumner, IGGY POP, Brian Molko of PLACEBO and ex-member of THE STRANGLERS’ Hugh Cornwell. ‘Götterstrasse’ sounds heavenly and while the theme of the album centres on the joy and euphoria of underground nightlife, it also reflects on the consequences of comedown. Continue Reading ›