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GLASSHOUSE We Are The Light & The Dark

With GLASSHOUSE, Xan Tyler and David Liddell have in their words created “A journey through orchestral scores combined with dark underground techno and jazz.” Xan Tyler is perhaps best known in electronic music circles as the vocalist of cult synthpop duo TECHNIQUE. The debut GLASSHOUSE EP ‘We Are The Light & The Dark’ is their love letter to the human race and “asks the listener to restore their faith in mankind and embrace beauty and light.” Continue Reading ›

XAN TYLER Stop The Clock

xan tyler-03XAN TYLER is perhaps best known as the vocalist of cult synthpop duo TECHNIQUE. Having worked on a variety of projects since then, Tyler released an electro-acoustic hybrid EP ‘Into The Blue’ at the end of 2014. She told The Electricity Club: “I’ve always listened to wide mix of different music and I wanted to make something that reflected my varied tastes”. One of the key songs ‘Stop The Clock’ has just had a brand new video created by Alice Emily. Continue Reading ›

The Electricity Club’s 2014 End Of Year Review

TEC003With 2013 having been one of the strongest years in electronic pop since its post-punk heyday, 2014 was always going to struggle to compete, despite it being the 50th Anniversary of the Moog synthesizer’s first prototype demonstration at the Audio Engineering Society convention in October 1964. While 2014 was nowhere near in terms of the high profile releases of 2013 or even 2011, it certainly surpassed the comparatively quiet year of 2012. Continue Reading ›

XAN TYLER Interview

xan tyler-Kelly McintyreXAN TYLER is perhaps best known in electronic music circles as the vocalist of cult synthpop duo TECHNIQUE who had two minor hit singles ‘Sun Is Shining’ and ‘You & Me’ in 1999, both under the auspices of acclaimed producer Stephen Hague. She continued to work on a variety of projects and has now unleashed a new solo EP ‘Into The Blue’. Now based in Scotland, XAN TYLER kindly spoke to The Electricity Club about her career. Continue Reading ›

A Beginner’s Guide To STEPHEN HAGUE

STEPHEN HAGUE-01Portland born STEPHEN HAGUE first came to musical prominence in 1984 with his production of MALCOLM McLAREN’s ‘Madam Butterfly’, an incongruous blend of opera, soul, hip-hop and electropop. Two acts who were listening closely were OMD and PET SHOP BOYS. So what eighteen songs would go on an imaginary compilation today as an introduction to the work of this under rated, but very gifted producer? Listed in chronological order, here are The Electricity Club’s choices. Continue Reading ›