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TOM WATKINS Let’s Make Lots of Money

TOM WATKINS Let's Make Lots of Money-book‘Let's Make Lots of Money: Secrets of a Rich, Fat, Gay, Lucky Bastard’ is the frank autobiography of Tom Watkins, the Pop Svengali best known for managing PET SHOP BOYS, BROS and EAST 17. Co-written with Matthew Lindsay, the title is provocative. But then, Watkins has always been that kind of a personality. Called “A big man with a loud voice” by Neil Tennant, his high profile as a manager came with a bolshy ability to extract favourable deals, whether it was his various charges or for himself. With his earlier success founding the design agency XL, it could be argued that Watkins helped shaped an era in modern pop. Continue Reading ›

THE OPIATES Hollywood Under The Knife

The Opiates – Hollywood Under The KnifeTHE OPIATES are former ELECTRIBE 101 chanteuse Billie Ray Martin and musician Robert Solheim. They have been dubbed as "The Carpenters of Electro". Taking in the influences of Chicago house, Detroit techno and Klingklang, THE OPIATES debut long player ‘Hollywood Under The Knife’ uses that melting pot to present a series of stark Weimar numbers with beats and bleeps to match. Continue Reading ›