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TEC’s 2017 End Of Year Review

The world found itself in a rather antagonistic and divisive state this year, as if none of the lessons from the 20th Century’s noted conflicts and stand-offs had been learnt. After a slow start to 2017, there was a bumper crop of new music from a number of established artists. Overall, it was artists of a more mature disposition who held their heads high and delivered, as some newer acts went out of their way to test the patience of audiences by drowning them in sleep while coming over like TRAVIS on VSTs. Continue Reading ›

SYNTH CLUB Live at Electrowerkz

Electronic pop music comes in many shapes and sizes, some of it is good and some of it is most definitely bad. So it’s important to differentiate and the makers of Synth Wave Live did just that with their smaller scale, but no less ambitious event, Synth Club at Electrowerkz in the heart of Central London. Centred around a formal album launch for Hungary’s BLACK NAIL CABARET, the evening was bolstered by VILE ELECTRODES, KNIGHT$, THE FRIXION and THE DEPARTMENT. Continue Reading ›


Hungarian born BLACK NAIL CABARET have gathered a wide audience inside and outside their homeland, but debuted with a surprising version of Rihanna's 'Umbrella' to kick off their musical journey. The Electricity Club is chatting to BLACK NAIL CABARET about their past, present and future with the news that they will be performing at London’s Electrowerkz on SATURDAY 6TH MAY 2017 as part of Synth Club. Continue Reading ›


Straight from the Hungarian capital Budapest, BLACK NAIL CABARET came into existence in 2008 with a surprising darkwave cover of RIHANNA’s ‘Umbrella’. The follow-up to the first opus ‘Emerald City’ was 'Harry Me, Marry Me, Bury Me, Bite Me', showcasing the pair's sonic leap forward into darkness with a synth noir gem 'Satisfaction'. And now, just in time for the New Year, comes the third long player, the pigment missing 'Dichromat'. Continue Reading ›

Introducing KALEIDA

kaleida_feb2016London based duo KALEIDA first gained wider attention while supporting RÓISÍN MURPHY on her 2015 European tour. While some have compared vocalist Christina Wood and synthesist Cicely Goulder to PURITY RING, AUSTRA and LADYTRON, The Electricity Club thinks their brooding demeanour is more akin to BLACK NAIL CABARET, EMIKA and early EURYTHMICS. Continue Reading ›

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