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ALISON MOYET Live at Hackney Round Chapel

On the eve of the release of her new album ‘Other’, ALISON MOYET delivered a stupendous performance at Hackney’s Round Chapel as part of Amazon Prime’s series of filmed intimate concerts. The evening started with Ms Moyet as her own support act, courtesy of a Q&A moderated by journalist Pete Paphides. It was triumphant performance from ALISON MOYET with interesting facelifts of her solo hits, a welcome airing of YAZOO evergreens and best of all, excellent new material. Continue Reading ›


The release of 2013’s ‘the minutes’ sparked a real creative renaissance for ALISON MOYET. It kickstarted a relationship with MADONNA producer Guy Sigsworth and has now been perpetuated with 2017’s ‘Other’. ‘the minutes’ saw a welcome full-on return to electronics for Moyet, something which fans of YAZOO had long wished for. ‘Other’ is a very reflective and beautifully produced work. With the opening salvo of tracks, the ghost of Bristol’s MASSIVE ATTACK looms large. Continue Reading ›

The Other ALISON MOYET Interview

ALISON MOYET returns with a new album ‘Other’ this June while the Autumn sees her embark on a substantial world tour. Moyet’s recent single ‘Reassuring Pinches’, with its brooding synth arpeggios acts as a deliciously dark trailer. The Electricity Club were extremely pleased to be invited to speak to ALISON MOYET again and she chatted about her ‘Other’ opus and topics such as social media and being European... Continue Reading ›

ALISON MOYET Reassuring Pinches

Following the success of her 2013 album ‘the minutes’, ALISON MOYET is back with ‘Other’. ‘the minutes’ signalled her return to electronica and in an “if it ain’t broke…” move, ‘Other’ is produced and co-written with Guy Sigsworth who worked on its predecessor. The album is launched with the icy new single ‘Reassuring Pinches’. Deliciously dark but accessible, it borrows from the theme tune to the acclaimed drama ‘Stranger Things’. Continue Reading ›


LoweSumnerMarrTennantArtist collaborations can be seen in several ways. They are either a chance to take the best elements of great bands to form an even greater supergroup, or as has happened in many cases, there is a watering down of prime concepts which results in a fragmented mess of little interest to anyone. So here are 25 artist collaborations that actually worked. Over more recent years, there appears to have been much freedom for artists to collaborate. Continue Reading ›

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