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There are many bands from the Synth Britannia-era that are often perceived as being electronic, when in fact they either started off in a traditional band format and integrated synthesizers/sequencers or remained like that throughout most of their career. ULTRAVOX, NEW ORDER and GARY NUMAN all fell into that format, but what about others who have successfully managed to meld the rigidity and coldness of electronics with the more human element of guitars. Continue Reading ›

Listen: The Legacy of TEARS FOR FEARS

When Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith went to record 'Suffer The Children' as their debut single as TEARS FOR FEARS, it was producer David Lord who introduced them to synthesizers plus crucially, keyboard player Ian Stanley. Orzabal and Smith had become fascinated by Arthur Janov's Primal Therapy and had named themselves after his theories which resolved to overcome childhood traumas through re-experiencing specific incidents and fully expressing the resulting pain during therapy. Continue Reading ›

MARSHEAUX Suffer The Children

MARSHEAUX_B+WMARSHEAUX have recorded an exclusive cover of TEARS FOR FEARS ‘Suffer The Children’ for a new various artists compilation curated by The Electricity Club to be released on EMI/Universal Greece. The enticing reinterpretation is accompanied by a suitably moody black and white video filmed in Berlin. MARSHEAUX chatted to TEC about the genesis of ‘Suffer The Children’ while also discussing some of their favourite covers and ones which didn’t quite work out. Continue Reading ›

A Beginner’s Guide To MIKE HOWLETT

Mike-HowlettMIKE HOWLETT is undoubtedly one of the producers who helped shape the sound of Synth Britannia and Trans-Atlantic post-punk. His production career began in earnest at Dindisc Records, where he worked with fledgling acts such as THE REVILLOS, MARTHA & THE MUFFINS, MODERN EON and OMD. Presented in calendar year order and then alphabetically, with a restriction of one song per album project, TEC looks back at the impressive studio career of Mike Howlett… Continue Reading ›

TORUL The Measure

TORUL The MeasureAfter TORUL’s acclaimed albums 'Dark Matters', 'The Whole' and 'Tonight We Dream Fiercely', with the latter seeing the Slovenian trio supporting MESH on their 2013 European tour, electronic audiences are now treated to their latest offering, 'The Measure'. A rather eclectic selection of tunes, wrapped around gripping and ever-changeable vocals of Jan Jenko, it delivers exactly what it says on the tin. It is a measured album, which no doubt will be of interest to any weathered TORUL fan. Continue Reading ›

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